6 Different Varieties of Winter Hardy Roses For Cold Climates 

Winter-hardy flowers remind me of enormous, climbing creatures laughing at the cold. Roses like that exist, but there are also daintier but just as fierce ones!

Simon Fraser

The tough Canadian Explorer Series includes ‘William Baffin’ and others on this list. These Manitoba research station roses are hardy enough to survive harsh Canadian winters.  

William Baffin

Another small-statured beauty, ‘Lauren’ with violet-magenta double bloom clusters.  ‘Lauren’s’ blossoms fade pinkish-white. That even the harshest temperatures can support unique garden colors is shown by its popularity among winter-hardy roses!


Hardy to -50℉, this fast-growing rambler produces semi-double, snowy white blooms for 3-4 weeks in summer. Lightly perfumed and pollinator-friendly, this robust rose complements brighter annuals.


We must use native species to increase biodiversity in our gardens. While you don't have to leave foreign ornamentals, planting natives will feed and house wildlife.


This rose is exceptional. The sunrise's mellow yellows, corals, and pinks make this resilient multicolor rose special. Yellow roses are fragile and few can survive frigid regions.

Morden Sunrise

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