Artificial Plant Arrangements That Look Surprisingly Real

Red and pink roses are the epitome of "romance" Reviewers say this realistic arrangement is perfect for Valentine's Day, birthdays, and holidays.

Rose Silk Flower Arrangement

 In over 20,000 reviews, buyers say these faux fleurs look real and make a lovely countertop decoration or spring centerpiece.

Mandy's Tulip Silk Flower

These faux dahlias are sweetly white, pink, and yellow. You can bend the stems to fit your vase because they have wire.

Pottery Barn Dahlia Bundle

A little lavender adds a fun purple pop to any space. These realistic stems are rustic but versatile. 

Butterfly Craze Artificial Lavender Bunch

Ophelia & Co. Silk Peony Bundle

For monochromatic artificial peonies, this is one of our favorites. This gorgeous bouquet is white or bright pink.

Underappreciated amaryllis. Their delicate, romantic blooms occur from late December to June. Pottery Barn's faux bouquet has three stems and 11 blooms.

Pottery Barn Faux Amaryllis Bouquet

Enjoy the best of both worlds with this colorful flower spray. Calla lilies, tulips, and lilies have received many 5-star reviews for their beauty and realism. Flower Centerpiece

Since cherry blossoms bloom briefly, you're better off with a faux. This 14" Nearly Natural bouquet in a large vase would enhance any room.

Nearly Natural Cherry Blossom

Since live peonies are fussy, we recommend faux. This stunning silk bouquet has 4.5 stars from thousands of reviews.

Luyue Vintage-Inspired Silk Peony Bouquet

Full and fluffy hydrangeas in 27 colors with wire stems that can be cut to fit your vase. Both lone and leafed blossoms are pretty.

AVIVIHO Hydrangea Silk Flower

Finding realistic faux orchids at a reasonable price is difficult, but this beautiful arrangement comes in a pretty ceramic container.

Dahlia Studios Silk Faux Orchid

Poppies have delicate petals, making them easy to spot a fake, but this one's shading and polyester material would fool most people.

Afloral Cream Silk Flower Poppy

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