Secrets to Perfect Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Basic pantry ingredients make pound cake. Before making a pound cake, make sure all ingredients are room temperature.

Pound Cake

 Cake flour can be used to make pounds cakes, but I prefer unbleached all-purpose flour. Cake flour gives pound cakes a fluffier, tender crumb, which is unusual.

The Flour

Pound cakes are dense because they use lots of eggs.  Some say fresh eggs don't mix well into pound cake batter and can cause overmixing. 

The Eggs

Butter makes pound cakes buttery and light yellow. For pound cakes, I usually use butter and butter-flavored shortening, but this classic uses all-butter.

The Butter

Since pound cake crumb is finer, fine granulated sugar is best. It prevents white spots on pound cake.  Don't be afraid of sugar.

The Sugar

Milk is optional in some pound cake recipes, but I love it. Gives batter some leeway. As you can see from the many pound cakes on this site, I love using different milk/liquids. 

The Milk

Since pounds cakes are dense, you can leaven them with salt alone. I add some baking powder to improve crumb texture and lift.

The Leavening

Vanilla is required for pound cakes. Use the best brand because light vanilla enhances flavor. My classic pound cakes benefit from a little pure lemon extract.

The Extract

 Eggs should be mixed into the batter until combined. Am I heard? It's bossy because I want you to succeed! After they're gone from the batter, move on to the next egg.

Pound Cake Recipe

To store pound cake I slice it, wrap it in plastic, and store it in an airtight container. It keeps moisture and freshness for days. Pound cake tastes great frozen and reheated.

Store Pound Cake

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