3 Essential German Snacks Dishes You Have To Try


German potato pancakes are a tasty snack, side, or appetizer. Potato, onion, and egg pancakes are cooked till crispy and golden. They usually come with apple sauce, sour cream, or herbed crème fraîche.



Kartoffelpuffer (German Potato Pancakes)

You may also find them as Reibekuchen or Reiberdatschi in Germany. Kartoffelpuffer is served in festivals, Christmas markets, food trucks, and restaurants.

German pretzels are the greatest portable snacks! The doughy delicacies are frequently dusted with coarse salt and occasionally coated with cheese, sliced, filled with butter or other spreads, or served with mustard. 



Brezeln (Soft Pretzels)

Sweet-topped pretzels are available. Some pretzels are little, while others are huge and more like a feast.

Fried quark cheese pastry balls are called quarkbällchen in Germany. The inside is fluffy and coated with powdered sugar and cinnamon.



Quarkbällchen (German Quark Balls)

This iconic cereal has been on stores for decades since it's created with 100% whole-grain oats and is crispy but not too crunchy. Consumers liked its "nice subtle sweetness" and "real wheat-y flavor."

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