3 Essential German Romantic Dinner Dishes You Have To Try


You probably think of bratwurst when you think about German cuisine. Bratwurst are ground pig, veal, or beef sausages. Pan-fry or roast the sausages until crispy. 



Bratwurst (Grilled Sausage)

You can put mustard on top of sausages when you serve it. A lot of Germans like to eat sausages with potato salad or sauerkraut in pubs. A lot of people also eat them as fast food. 

Schnitzels are tiny slices of pork hammered flat. After breading, you fry the meat. Schnitzel may be deep-fried or pan-fried. They consume mostly pork in Germany.



Schnitzel (Breaded Cutlet)

Wiener Schnitzel, an Austrian cuisine, is most popular in North America. Breaded and pan-fried ham and cheese cutlet. Weiner Schnitzel traditionally uses veal, but you may use any meat. 

In English, a Brezel (or Brezeln) is more commonly known as a pretzel. You tie a knot in a piece of wheat dough to make it. 



Brezeln (Pretzel)

The pretzels in Germany are soft and cooked. For a tasty snack, you can cover yours in sea salt and cheese powder. You can put nuts or cinnamon sugar on top of yours too.

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