13 Drought-Tolerant Plants That Can Handle Dry Weather

Sometimes it doesn't rain, but these plants can still grow well. They can live in dry places and give your garden color and structure. 

This flower usually spreads itself, so it doesn't need much care. These plants can handle dryness and do well in almost any soil that drains well. Also, birds and bugs like coneflowers. 

1. Coneflower

The fragrant blooms of these drought-tolerant plants attract butterflies and bees in borders, rock gardens, and containers. Catmint, 1–3 feet tall and broad, blooms from early July to early October. View more pollinator-friendly long-blooming flowers. 

2. Catmint

This flower is a bee's dream. It grows 3 to 5 feet tall and has purple or white flower spikes. For the back of a border, this tall plant that can handle dryness is a good choice. Here are the top 10 plants that bees love. 

3. Agastache

Many blossoms make lantana a delightful addition to sunny gardens. The 3- to 6-foot-tall, broad plant has clusters of brilliantly colored flowers. It's useful for containers since it mounds or trails. See more easy container plants. 

4. Lantana

Attractive, this tall drought-tolerant flowering plant adds color to any landscape. Its 8–30-inch colorful columns are lively. In containers, these summer-to-fall bloomers are spectacular. Discover the top 10 hummingbird salvias. 

5. Salvia

Since lavender originated from the Mediterranean and Middle East, it can withstand drought. Mounding plants form lovely borders. Here are 5 lovely drought-tolerant garden shrubs. 

6. Lavender

Russian sage is a garden warrior with 2- to 5-foot purple blue stems: It survives drought, frost, and poor soil. If grown in the sun, it won't disappoint. Here are the top 10 non-killable plants. 

7. Russian Sage

California poppies are the best thing to plant in a yard that isn't very healthy. Even though they don't like bad soil, these plants do best in full sun. Find more flowers that are orange and pink and look like sunsets. 

8. California Poppy

People love reliable artemisia because it has beautiful, thin, gray to silver leaves that grow on tall, curving stems or in low mounds that are 1 to 5 feet high and wide. These plants can handle drought well and don't give you any trouble. 

9. Artemisia

Long, fluffy, silvery licorice plant foliage trails through adjacent plants. This drought-resistant vine grows to 6 feet in light shade to full sun. Visit more stunning drought-tolerant ground coverings. 

10. Licorice Plant

Speedwell, an easy-to-grow plant with white, purple, pink, or blue spikes, blooms for a long period. These drought-tolerant plants grow 1–2 feet tall in full light and well-drained soil. Love purple? Top 10 purple flowers for hummingbirds. 

11. Veronica

Once spring bulbs fade, these easy-care, long-lasting blooms shine. Whatever your garden space, yarrow is ideal. Yarrow is among the top 10 sandy soil plants. 

12. Yarrow

Easy-care, drought-tolerant annuals provide vibrant color. Portulaca grows in low clusters, blooms in rainbow colors, and thrives in hot, sunny locations where other flowers die. New gardeners must distinguish annuals from perennials. 

13. Portulaca

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