10 Types of Lilies Gardeners Should Grow 

Lilies' beauty, scent, and elegance complement any garden. The colors, shapes, and sizes of lilies allow for limitless floral combinations and garden borders. Beauty and charm make these 10 lilies worth growing.  

Asiatic lilies are appreciated for their red, orange, yellow, and pink hues. Early to midsummer blossoms are upward-facing and fragranceless.  

1. Asiatic Lilies

Oriental lilies have enormous, fragrant blooms and rich colors like white, pink, and deep burgundy. Mid- to late summer blooms add luxury to garden borders.  

2. Oriental Lilies

Aurelian or Easter lilies, or trumpet lilies, feature enormous, trumpet-shaped blossoms and a delicious scent. Midsummer blooms are white, cream, or yellow.  

3. Trumpet Lilies 

Tiger lilies have orange petals with dark markings that resemble tiger stripes and face downward. Garden beds seem fun when they bloom in late summer.  

4. Tiger Lilies

Martagon or Turk's hat lilies feature recurved petals and petite, turban-like blossoms. Midsummer blooms produce pink, purple, and white flowers.  

5. Martagon Lilies

Asiatic-longiflorum hybrids have sweet-scented, upward-facing blossoms like trumpet lilies. They bloom around midsummer in varied colors.  

6. Asiatic-Longiflorum Hybrid Lilies

Regal lilies are tall, regal plants with fragrant white petals and yellow centers. Midsummer blooms provide vertical flair to garden borders.  

7. Regal Lilies

Double-flowered lilies have more petals, making them luxuriant. In mid- to late summer, they blossom in diverse colors, giving splendor to gardens.  

8. Double-flowered Lilies

The many species lilies in nature have different traits and growing needs. The Madonna lily and Orange lily are examples.  

9. Species Lilies

Orienpet lilies combine the scent of Oriental lilies with the hardiness of trumpet lilies. They bloom in mid-to-late summer in various colors.  

10. Orienpet Lilies

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