The Prettiest Yellow Flowering Shrubs for Your Yard

The Prettiest Yellow Flowering Shrubs for Your Yard: If you want to make your yard look more colorful, yellow flowering shrubs can be a great choice.


The Prettiest Yellow Flowering Shrubs for Your Yard

Their bright flowers not only draw in pollinators but also make the landscape look beautiful. This article will talk about some of the most beautiful yellow flowering shrubs that you can use to make a beautiful, colorful garden outside.


1. Forsythia

Forsythia is a popular choice for yellow flowering shrubs because its blooms in early spring let people know that warmer weather is on the way.


Bright yellow flower clusters cover the branches of these shrubs before the leaves come out.

Forsythia doesn’t need much care and can grow well in a wide range of soil types, which makes it a great choice for both new and experienced gardeners.


2. Kerria

Kerria, which is also called Japanese kerria or Japanese rose, is another beautiful shrub with yellow flowers that makes any yard look better.


It has pretty yellow flowers in the spring, and they often bloom again in the summer.

People like kerria because its branches arch, and it does well in some shade, which makes it a great choice for woodland gardens or shady spots in your yard.


3. Witch Hazel

From late winter to early spring, witch hazel blooms in strange ways. It is a unique yellow flowering shrub.


The spidery, fragrant flowers appear on bare branches in the winter, adding a splash of color to the scene.

The bark of witch hazel is often used in skin care products because it is thought to have healing properties. For best growth, plant this shrub somewhere with well-drained soil and some shade.


4. Potentilla

Potentilla, which is also called cinquefoil, is a versatile shrub that blooms with bright yellow flowers all summer long.


Bees and butterflies love these bright flowers, which makes Potentilla a favorite among pollinators.

Potentilla is a great plant for adding color to rock gardens, borders, or large plantings in sunny parts of your yard because it grows quickly and doesn’t mind being dry.


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5. Golden Currant

Golden currant is a native shrub that is known for its early spring flowers that smell good. In addition to being pretty to look at, Golden Currant produces berries that birds and other animals like to eat.

This shrub does well in a wide range of soils and can handle drought once it is established. Put Golden Currant in a spot that gets some sun to some shade to enjoy its pretty flowers and help wildlife.


6. St. John’s Wort

The flowers on St. John’s Wort are bright yellow and bloom from late spring to early summer. More than just its pretty flowers, St. John’s Wort is valued for its health benefits and is often used as a herbal treatment for anxiety and depression.

This easy-to-take-care-of shrub does best in well-drained, full-sun soil. It looks great in sunny borders or mixed perennial beds.



Adding yellow flowering shrubs to your yard can give it a splash of color and visual interest all through the growing season. There are many plants to choose from, whether you want flowers in early spring or color all summer long. You can make a bright and welcoming outdoor space that you’ll enjoy for years to come by choosing the most beautiful yellow flowering shrubs that will do well in your climate and soil.

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