Rainbow Flyers: Brilliant Hummingbird Colors

Rainbow Flyers: Brilliant Hummingbird Colors: It is possible that you will come across a hummingbird in each and every color of the rainbow. This is a possibility. The occurrence of this is not without possibility. This set of images, which were donated by readers, does an outstanding job at conveying the brilliant colors that the hummingbird possesses.



Rainbow Flyers: Brilliant Hummingbird Colors

The Spectrum of Hummingbird Colors

Hummingbirds are simple creatures to adore. Every aspect of them is amazing, including their vivacious personalities, their one-of-a-kind and lightning-fast flying, their adorable cup nests, and their gorgeous feathers. The fourth factor, which is the colors of hummingbirds, is one of the most attractive aspects of these birds. The hummingbird is a bird that may be found in almost every hue of the rainbow.

Regal, Red Ruby-Throat

“Using my Canon EOS 1300 D camera, I was able to capture this photograph of a male ruby-throated hummingbird that was in my backyard. This particular male did not show any signs of fear in response to my presence; nonetheless, anytime I would click the shutter, it would jump off the feeder and search for the origin of the sound. In particular, I admire how his head is cocked to the side in order to highlight the beautiful crimson that is shown on its throat.

A Striking Pink Anna’s Hummingbird

The Anna’s hummingbird that I witnessed in Tucson, Arizona, is absolutely breathtaking, and I can’t help but be awed by the beauty of this little bird. Additionally, the posture of the hummingbird is very breathtaking, and the colors of the bird are very striking.

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Small But Mighty Rufous Hummingbird

It is the fact that the rufous hummingbird, despite his diminutive size, possesses a great deal of power that I find so remarkable. It is with great zeal that he watches over his feeding area. During the course of several weeks, this little rufous made its home on our patio, where it remained for a while and provided us with entertainment. We had a great time watching him perform aerial acrobatics as he was protecting his territory!

A Sparkling Backyard Ruby

I had never before snapped a picture of a hummingbird, therefore this was the very first time I had ever ever done so. This was an opportunity that I was quite enthusiastic about. This male ruby-throat sat on my rose trellis for the whole summer, eagerly awaiting my arrival so that I could harvest them. He was waiting for me to come. They were able to be gathered by me.

Bold Blue-Throated Mountain Gem

May of 2016 was the month that I traveled to Arizona. This mountain beauty with a blue-throated crest was hanging around, and I was able to take quite a few pictures of him. At Ramsey Canyon, which is located in Hereford, Arizona, the photograph was captured. I utilized a Tamron 150-600mm lens in conjunction with a Nikon D810 camera. The blue feathers on the throat and tail of this bird are quite stunning, and I adore them.

Purple Costa’s Hummingbird in the Snow

It is true that a hummingbird feeder is the gift that keeps on giving; I was given one for Christmas a few of years ago, and it continues to demonstrate its worth to me over time. There are hummingbirds in our backyard at this point, and they remain there throughout the entire year. In the immediate aftermath of the unusual and recent snowfall that took place in our backyard in Las Vegas, this shot depicts a Costa’s hummingbird attempting to keep warm.

A Challenging Black-Chinned Hummingbird

A photograph of a black-chinned hummingbird was shot in Swan Valley, Idaho, United States of America. This bird captured my heart the moment I laid eyes on him for the first time. Getting an image of him was a difficult task to do. I found him even more fascinating because he did not like to remain motionless, and that was one of the reasons why. After taking a lot of pictures, I was eventually able to get the purple to appear.

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