How to Attract and Identify a Queen Butterfly

How to Attract and Identify a Queen Butterfly: You should offer your milkweed to a monarch butterfly, which is a type of monarchy that is a pollinator that is found in the South and is present throughout the year. Please have a look at both the adults and the caterpillars to get a better idea of their appearance.


How to Attract and Identify a Queen Butterfly

Queen Butterfly Markings

Similar to the underwings of a monarch butterfly, the underwings of a queen butterfly have dark borders with white dots and white outlines on black hindwing veins. These are characteristics that distinguish the queen butterfly from the monarch butterfly. A few white spots can be seen on the orange forewings of the butterfly.


Monarch Look-Alike

The forewings of the butterfly should be examined in order to discern between a queen butterfly and a monarch butterfly. One difference between a monarch and a queen is that the former has black lines on both the inner and outer hindwings.

On top of that, the colour of queen butterflies is a little bit darker than that of monarch butterflies. This monarch butterfly emerged from her cocoon, and I was there to witness it. The yellow hibiscus that I have works wonderfully with this colour combination.

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Where to Find Queen Butterflies

In order to locate one of these stunning brownish-orange butterflies, you should search for them in open, sunny locations that are adorned with flowers. These areas include fields, deserts, roadsides, and pastures. Their territory encompasses the southern region of the United States, particularly an area along the Gulf Coast.

We were there, I came upon this stunning queen butterfly (at the top of this page). “The contrast between its rusty colour and the yellow chaparral plant is something that I absolutely adore.”


What Do Queen Butterflies and Caterpillars Eat?

This caterpillar consumes milkweed plants or milkweed vines as its food source. Do you want to incorporate milkweed into your garden, but you are unsure how to get started? Please have a look at our comprehensive guide to milkweed.

Adults drink nectar from a wide variety of flowers, including shepherd’s needle and fogfruit, among others. Overnight, it is possible for multiple queens to congregate on the same plant in order to roost, even though there is no evident reason for this.


Queen Butterfly Caterpillar

In a fashion that is comparable to that of monarch caterpillars, the caterpillars have stripes that are black and white, specifically with yellow parts that are accentuated. In spite of the fact that distinguishing between caterpillars and butterflies might be just as challenging as distinguishing between the two, it is possible to discriminate between the two by observing the protuberances that they possess. However, monarchs only have two sets of protuberances, whereas queens have three sets of protuberances.

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