Garibaldi Cocktail With Campari And Orange Juice – Learn under Expert Guide

Garibaldi Cocktail With Campari And Orange Juice – Learn under Expert Guide: The Italian Garibaldi cocktail simply requires Campari and orange juice! The mix is surprising balanced. The Garibaldi cocktail is a unique homemade drink! Starting this Italian cocktail is difficult since it has so much going for it.

Garibaldi Cocktail With Campari And Orange Juice

Fruity and bittersweet, the Garibaldi is a brunch cocktail that is simple to make yet incredibly delightful to drink. Campari and orange juice are the only two components that would be required to produce it in its most basic form.

You can just combine the two ingredients in a glass with ice and enjoy a pleasant beverage, but if you put in a little bit of extra effort, you can create a Garibaldi that is not only wonderfully tasty but also raised above the ordinary.



  • 1 ½ ounces (3 tablespoons) Campari
  • 4 ounces (½ cup) fresh squeezed orange juice (or blood orange juice)
  • Garnish: orange wedge (optional)



A large glass should be filled with ice. Put the Campari and orange juice into the glass, and then sprinkle a very small amount of salt on top of it.

To finish, garnish with a slice or wedge of orange, and stir to incorporate evenly. By “fluffing” the orange juice, you can make your Garibaldi even more delicious. To achieve a frothy consistency, pour the juice into a blender or use a handheld frother for around 15 to 30 seconds, or until the juice becomes foamy.

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Tips For Success

In order to prepare this alcoholic beverage, you may just pour it over ice. Another option is to use a cocktail shaker to prepare it, or you can use a handheld milk frother to achieve a more frothy finish.

Make use of fresh squeezed orange juice of a high quality if at all possible. Campari is a type of bitter liquor popular in Italy.A straightforward orange slice garnish is the perfect way to finish off your Garibaldi drink. Add a little bit of sparkling water on top, if you so wish.



  • Total Fat 0.2g
  • Saturated Fat 0g
  • 4%Total Carbohydrate 11.8g
  • 1%Dietary Fiber 0.2g
  • Sugars 9.5g
  • 2%Protein 0.8g
  • 1%Vitamin A 11.3µg
  • 63%Vitamin C 56.7mg
  • 1%Calcium 12.5mg
  • 1%Iron 0.2mg
  • 0%Vitamin D 0µg
  • 3%Magnesium 12.5mg
  • 5%Potassium 227.2mg
  • 3%Vitamin B6 0mg
  • 0%Vitamin B12 0µg

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