10 Most Valuable Pennies in Circulation: Check Your Change Now!

10 Most Valuable Pennies in Circulation: Check Your Change Now!: Pennies are among the most popular collectibles, despite the fact that they are among the smallest coins that are currently in circulation and do not have any worth in terms of cash. Despite this, these coin series, the majority of which contain at least a trace quantity of precious copper, are among the most cherished collectibles.

10 Most Valuable Pennies in Circulation: Check Your Change Now!

It is only natural to wonder, given this information, which pennies of the 20th century are considered to be the most valuable. Please note that the big cent, the Flying Eagle cent, and the majority of Indian Head pennies are not included in this cut-off date.

1. 1909-S Indian Cent: $300 to $1,000+

There were just 309,000 pieces of the 1909-S circulation strike, making it the lowest-mintage circulation strike of the Indian cent series. This strike was struck in the year 1909. Even well-worn specimens can be purchased for approximately $300, while uncirculated pieces can be purchased for more than $1,000 of their original value.


2. 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent: $600 to $1,300+

The 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent is very perhaps the most well-known coin that was produced throughout the 20th century. It is a penny that is the object of desire not just for collectors who are interested in learning more about the Lincoln series, but also for collectors who are interested in acquiring this scarce coin.

This coin bears the initials of its designer, Victor David Brenner, which are represented by the inscription “VDB” on the piece. As a result of the dispute, the letters were ultimately removed the following year.

The number of pieces produced was just 484,000, and there are far less of them left now. As a result, the prices of well-worn samples are over $600, while the prices of uncirculated specimens are over $1,300.


3. 1914-D Lincoln Cent: $150 to $2,200+

It is a highly recognised rare that rises to the ranks of being a key alongside the renowned 1909-S VDB penny. This early mint marked Lincoln cent is a noteworthy example of this rarity. It is estimated that only 1,193,000 coins were produced, and the number of pieces that have survived to this day is only a small percentage of that low mintage amount.

For example, the 1914-D Lincoln cent, which has wheat ears on the reverse side (also known as the tails side), is considered to be one of the most precious wheat pennies. A well-worn copy can be purchased for approximately $150, while an uncirculated copy can be purchased for far over $2,200.

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4. 1922 Plain Lincoln Cent: $500 to $10,500+

Because of the absence of a mintmark on a 1922 Lincoln penny, many members of the numismatic community initially believed that the coin was struck in Philadelphia. This belief persisted for a period of time. For the year 1922, the Philadelphia Mint did not produce any Lincoln cents, according to the records kept by the mint. Instead, the Denver Mint was responsible for producing all of the pennies that year.

It would appear that intensive die polishing was responsible for the disappearance of the “D” mintmark that was located on the obverse of a limited number of 1922 pennies. Even in severely worn condition, these pennies are all worth over $500 or more. There are only a handful of rare uncirculated specimens available, and each one starts at more over $10,500.


5. 1931-S Lincoln Cent: $65 to $100+

The United States Mint imposed restrictions on the creation of a variety of coins, including the Lincoln cent, during the most difficult years of the Great Depression. In 1931, the United States Mint made a significant reduction in the quantity of Lincoln cents that it created. In that particular year, the San Francisco Mint produced a total of only 866,000 specimens of the penny.

This issue is still considered a scarce semi-key coin, with a value of approximately $65 in circulated condition and $100 or more in uncirculated grades. This is despite the fact that many collectors have kept 1931-S Lincoln cents from the very beginning.


6. 1943 Bronze Lincoln Cent: $125,000+

In an effort to conserve copper for use in World War II ammunition, the United States Mint started striking Lincoln cents out of zinc-coated steel in the year 1943. It is estimated that more than one billion steel cents were struck in 1943; however, a few of them were fashioned from bronze planchets by accident.

The actual number of coins that are in existence is unclear; however, the total number of coins that have been produced by the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints is around twenty.


Bronze pennies from 1943 typically fetch prices of around $125,000 and upwards, regardless of their condition. In 2010, Heritage Auctions realised a staggering $1.7 million for the sale of a rare coin that had been minted at the Denver Mint. However, this high value was for a piece that was particularly rare.


7. 1944 Steel Lincoln Cent: $75,000 to $125,000+

The mint made the decision in 1944 to convert back to a bronze alloy consisting of 95% copper and 5% tin, which meant that the steel pennies that were produced in 1943 were officially only produced for a single year.

On the other hand, a few steel planchets that were left over from the previous year were accidentally stamped with Lincoln cent dies that were intended for bronze manufacturing and had a date of 1944. With a price range that often falls at between $75,000 and $125,000 per unit, these are considered to be about as rare as the bronze pennies that were issued in 1943.


8. 1955 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent: $1,000 to $2,000+

When it was struck in 1955, the doubled die Lincoln cent was one of the most popular kinds ever ever produced. In the 1950s and early 1960s, the coins generated a sensation when they were first introduced into circulation, which contributed to the spike in coin collecting that occurred during that time period. It is still considered by a significant number of coin collectors to be the “Holy Grail” faulty coin.

In the inscriptions on the obverse side of the 1955 doubled die penny, such as the word “Liberty” and the date, there is a significant amount of doubling. Even in well-worn condition, it is worth $1,000 or more, and uncirculated specimens, on the other hand, fetch $2,000 or more.


9. 1969-S Doubled Die Lincoln Cent: $30,000+

This 1969-S penny mistake is considered to be one of the most valuable doubled die variants that have ever been created. It is estimated by specialists that there are only a few examples of this issue, and that it is worth more than thirty thousand dollars.

The inscription and the date on the obverse both have a doubled appearance, although the mintmark does not make this appearance. After the die had been hubbed, the mintmark was hand-punched into it. This is the process of making a working die, which is where the doubling on this coin would have taken place.


10. 1972 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent: $200 to $300+

The top ten most expensive pennies on this list are rounded out by another double-die Lincoln cent, this time from 1972. This particular variation is extremely popular and dates back to that year. On the obverse of the 1972 doubled die penny, there is a distinct doubling that is most noticeable in the year and the inscription “LIBERTY.”

Despite the fact that there are a few different classifications of 1972 double-die pennies, the ones that are considered to be the rarest and most desired are typically classified as “Class I” or something such. When in circulated form, these are valued approximately $200, but when in uncirculated condition, they are worth at least $300.

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